Out & About

Grub travels extensively throughout South Australia. Visiting sheds from the far North to the South East. Carrying a large range of stock in his van, he can sell shearing equipment and clothing right on the spot.

Grub  can also carry out repairs and maintenance on handpieces, shearing plants and woolpresses.

Quotes for shearing plants and woolpresses can be made by contacting Grub , and he can also install any new equipment you may have purchased.

Feel free to contact Grub on his mobile: 0428 862 612  and have a chat about your needs for the shearing industry.

Servicing the outback regions of the far North & West of South Australia

The Pressers First Aid Station

Shannon Warnest, A Champion Australian Shearer

Inside looking out

New & Old Shearing Plant

Shearers Commandments